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Sustainable Travel
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At Maison Huit Arles we’re passionate about travel that leaves the smallest possible impact on the environment, highlights authentic local experiences, and supports local and ethically sourced produce. So please be aware that as far as possible:

  • We aim to create a positive impact on the local economy by sourcing regional products and purchasing locally grown, organic food.

  • We provide visitors with information about the surrounding environment and culture and encourage low-impact enjoyment of the area.

  • We recommend arriving by rail, visiting the town on foot, renting bicycles or riding horses in the Camargue.

  • We use recycled materials. Our classic but quirky breakfast china, our antique furniture and vintage textiles look beautiful, are free of harmful glues and dyes, and are not contributing to today’s de-forestation or landfills...

  • We use natural, non-toxic materials and paints for restoration and decoration.

  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  • We discourage the use of plastics. Our tap water is filtered and suitable for drinking, and we lend bags for shoppers.


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