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Maison Huit Arles is located right in the centre of the beautiful, historic French town city of Arles, in the heart of Provence. We’re just a few minutes walk from Roman monuments, Renaissance palaces, religious edifices, world-class museums, the LUMA Foundation, the Fondation Van Gogh, Actes Sud and contemporary art galleries.

Arles has been the inspiring setting for many artists, including Pablo Picasso, photographer Lucien Clergue and of course painter Vincent Van Gogh, who created over 300 works here.

Today, the important LUMA Foundation is attracting other private and public initiatives, making Arles one of Europe’s most dynamic cultural hubs. 

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Bed & Breakfast Stay
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Josephine Baker
Junior Suite
La Sultanah
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La Condorcet
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La Suite d'Olympe
Independent Accommodation
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Mademoiselle Solo
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The Studio
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The Apartment
The Writer's Room
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