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Guest Rooms
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La Condorcet

Dedicated to Sophie de Condorcet (1764 – 1822),

the illustrious French writer.

€85 - €110 per night, including breakfast.

Minimum 2 nights stay.

La Sultanah

Dedicated to Sultanah Fatimah, the 16th century heroine who resisted Western incursions in the spice trading world of the Malay Archipelago.

€90 - €160 per night, including breakfast.

Minimum 2 nights stay.

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Josephine Baker Junior Suite

Dedicated to Josephine Baker, the pioneering dancer, singer, civil rights activist and member of the French Resistance.

€100 - €140 per night, including breakfast.

 Minimum 2 nights stay.

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La Suite d'Olympe
Dedicated to Olympe de Gouges ( 1748 – 1793 ) , French writer, politician and author of the «Declaration of Women’s Right « . Campaigner against slavery. 
€200 - €280 per night, including breakfast.

Minimum 2 nights stay.

Independent Accommodation
An apartment or studio rental at Maison Huit Arles gives an opportunity to enjoy a private, self-maintaining environment with cooking facilities. Antique furnishings, precious textiles, one-of-a-kind art works and well-stocked bookshelves will further enhance your "living in the heart-of-Arles" experience.
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€60 - €75 per night

Mademoiselle Solo
The Studio

€85-€110 per night

The Apartment

€190-€260 per night

Coming soon

The Writer's Room
The house does not accept reservations for October and November 2024. We will be delighted to welcome you again starting in December!
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